Governance, Risk & Compliance

Marc LankhorstJoost Niehof

Enterprise Architecture in Healthcare

We recently organized a workshop at BiZZdesign for enterprise architects in healthcare. A mixed group, from hospitals and other healthcare providers. In the workshop, various issues were discussed. We want to highlight some of these topics in this blog.

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Remco Blom

Business Architecture: Because Business Models Aren’t Enough

Business models are a helpful way to define a business strategy and steer an organization in the “right” direction. Furthermore, business models foster discussions on the way organizations want to deliver value to their customers. Building business models is fun! Thinking about your organization and its future in an abstract manner is addictive, since there is no chance of failure…

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Daniel Jumelet

Influence vs. Force – Incenting Others to Get on Board with Your Architecture Initiatives

Almost every architect has met the following frustrating experience during his career: A proper and well defined business case, architectural advice or Project Start Architecture is not being used by the organization the architect wanted to serve with it. Time and again we see decisions made based on:

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Suleiman Shehu

Three Decision Model Predictions and The Decision Modeler

The Decision Model (TDM) is a new and rapidly growing methodology and framework for modeling the business logic (business rules) behind business decisions, using a powerful graphical notation, that is easy for both business and IT to understand and implement.

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Henk Jonkers

Designing Secure Organizations: Risk Management, Enterprise Security Management and ArchiMate

No one is allowed to enter the building without proper authorization; all incoming e-mail messages are filtered; personal computers that are used to store sensitive data do not have a direct connection to the internet, and therefore cannot be accessed remotely. With these enterprise security rules, we have ensured that our private information is safe, right? Wrong!

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