Business Capability

Marc Lankhorst

Towards Value-Driven Architecting

In my previous blog post on Enterprise Architecture at BiZZdesign in 2014, I described how the true value of architecture lies in its relationship with other disciplines within the enterprise.

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Remco Blom

Business Architecture: Because Business Models Aren’t Enough

Business models are a helpful way to define a business strategy and steer an organization in the “right” direction. Furthermore, business models foster discussions on the way organizations want to deliver value to their customers. Building business models is fun! Thinking about your organization and its future in an abstract manner is addictive, since there is no chance of failure…

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Marc LankhorstPeter Matthijssen

Lean & Enterprise Architecture: Seven Deadly Wastes in Enterprise Architectures

In Lean Management, a lot of time is spent finding and eliminating waste. Our processes and organizations are full of waste. In the Lean philosophy these wastes should not be dealt with as ‘problems’, but as opportunities for improvement.

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Bas van GilsSven van Dijk

Building an Effective Enterprise Architecture Capability

Enterprise Architecture supports implementation of change in a coordinated way. Building an Enterprise Architecture Capability is a process of change in itself, and thus can be supported by Enterprise Architecture methods and tools. In this White Paper we described how a high-level approach for the initiation and development of the Enterprise Architecture capability can be derived from TOGAF, and especially its core component the Architecture Development Method (ADM). This high level approach consists of four steps:

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Suleiman Shehu

Three Decision Model Predictions and The Decision Modeler

The Decision Model (TDM) is a new and rapidly growing methodology and framework for modeling the business logic (business rules) behind business decisions, using a powerful graphical notation, that is easy for both business and IT to understand and implement.

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