HoriZZon: How to bring your EA practice to the next level with our new portal

Sep 19, 2017
Written by
Peter Matthijssen
Peter Matthijssen

HoriZZon: How to bring your EA practice to the next level with our new portal

I am very excited to announce the new version of Enterprise Studio and an all new Web Portal. This release includes many new capabilities making our software suite more powerful than ever. Next to our excellent modeling, repository and analysis capabilities (top in the market according to Gartner*), our software suite now includes a state-of-the-art Portal. The visualization, analysis and collaboration capabilities enable a much wider range of stakeholders to gain insights across the enterprise, covering a broad range of transformation stakeholders. We proudly name our Portal HoriZZon.

Although EA portals have been around for a while, we humbly believe Horizzon to be something special. We started development from scratch, using the latest web technologies and architecture to ensure optimal performance, functionality and flexibility. Horizzon supports non-technical business stakeholders to make better decisions faster. It will make a step-change in accelerating business transformation and fulfilling the potential of your EA practice in improving enterprise-wide communication and collaboration.

Engaged Business Users

Horizzon is simple and elegant to use. Users have a personalized environment with just the information they need, including favourite views, properties and dashboards. They won’t need a manual; information and dashboards can be browsed in an intuitive way. The Google-style search ensures users find relevant information fast. Furthermore, Horizzon is fully responsive, delivering a great experience on all your devices!


Fast time to value

Horizzon delivers real-time insights from your single source of truth. The models, views and data provide a goldmine of structured information, instantly available to the right audience. Horizzon is packed with powerful functionality to combine and analyse data, explore impact of change, collaborate with colleagues, and tailor visualizations. This enables better decisions and business outcomes to be realized faster, providing our Adaptive Enterprise customers with competitive advantage.

Great performance

Horizzon utilizes best of breed technologies, ensuring top performance and high scalability. Our automated SaaS deployment brings Horizzon customers are up and running in minutes, not hours. Our all-new technology base has already enabled us to accelerate product development cycles, meaning more great features will become available at an ever-increasing rate.

Feedback from our Horizzon beta test partners has been amazing, and has blown us away. HoriZZon is available NOW!

“KUDOS! I have been showing selected people the beta version of
the Portal and they are *very* impressed. I have never seen jaws
drop like that during a product demo.” Carl Chilley, Maersk

Peter Matthijssen
CTO BiZZdesign

* Enterprise Studio received the highest product score for the Making Smarter Decisions Faster use case, scoring a 3.46 out of 5 in the Gartner Critical Capabilities report.