For our Change Agents…

Apr 16, 2020
Written by
Peter Matthijssen
Peter Matthijssen

For our Change Agents…

These are crazy times. We all see a lot of sad things happening around the world. In addition to the personal dramas of people falling ill, and medical systems being stretched, we see a lot of businesses struggle. ‘Lock-down’ situations reduce or eliminate revenue streams and there is great uncertainty about how long restrictions will continue to apply. Many business models are not sufficiently resilient to face the current crisis.

Could we have anticipated these developments? You could argue that it would have been impossible to prepare for this specific and extreme scenario. However, the events of the last two decades – from 9/11 to the financial crisis – have made it eminently clear that some type of next crisis would probably take place in the future. How well did organizations develop their generic change capabilities in order to ensure they were in optimal shape to adapt to such a (as yet undefined) crisis when it occurred?

The key component for a surviving business model today, is of course an online/digital strategy. We see good examples of adapting organizations all around us. Some are now executing fundamental business model changes within days, where in ‘a normal world’ this would probably have taken them years. You could argue that many organizations are now catching up on Digital and accelerating changes that they should have implemented much earlier.

At BiZZdesign, we have observed a number of interesting developments in the past weeks. Usage of our platform is peaking, with March being a record month. Many of our users are working from home and are busier than ever! We also see a strong increase in activity around knowledge sharing and training, with exponential growth in e-learning. These developments tell a story of what is happening with our customers.

In today’s crisis environment, there is no time for multi-month projects, big reports and series of meetings. Organizations are in need of instant insights, quick informed options, calculated scenarios, and the power to execute change, NOW!

This makes today THE time for ‘Change Agents’ to stand up from the crowd. Organizations need these people more than ever. People who know how things are connected. People who know the impact of change across complex organizations. People who can bring new ideas to the table, and dry-run-test these. People who can support and accelerate effective implementation of changes across disciplines.

It is the Change Agents (maybe you are one of them) who define the future of our organizations. So, with good reason, they demand the best tools to support them in doing so. This is why it is critical that those Change Agents are supported by world-class analytics and change platforms, to help navigate towards a future state that responds to the fast-changing world around us.

At Bizzdesign we are happy and proud to play our role in helping organizations navigate these crazy times. We will continue to push hard to raise the bar in our products and services. There has never been a more important time to connect the dots in a complex environment to ensure decisive, informed and thought-through decision making and change.

Good luck changing your organization towards a successful future. And stay safe.

Peter Matthijssen

CTO Bizzdesign