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Delivering Business Value with Enterprise Architecture Using TOGAF® and ArchiMate®

The last few years have been tough for many organizations, especially in (the aftermath of) the global economic turmoil. Getting to grips with the complexity of doing business is increasingly important. Many of the problems that organizations struggle with have similar characteristics. Consider for example:

  • Business transformation has major impact on the organization, from work floor up to (top) management, ranging from process, organization structure, data, and IT infrastructure
  • Various solution alternatives for business- and IT problems are available and viable. Which alternatives will we pursue?
  • Business Units have concerns that do not always align. Both for change projects and for business as usual we see BU’s competing to meet their own targets rather than keeping an eye on common goals
  • Etc.

In these cases it pays off to use Enterprise Architecture methods! On 21-February-2013 I will present a webinar in which I will show how TOGAF and ArchiMate add business value. The combination of these open standards provides organizations with a balanced approach to EA with extensive tool support. Registration details for this webinar can be found in the Open Group website. If you are interested in the slides, you can download them on the right of this page.

Webinar delivering business value with TOGAF and ArchiMate

Webinar delivering business value with TOGAF and ArchiMate

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