Bizzdesign Connect Conference Links Attendees with Value

Dec 2, 2020
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Razvan Mitache
Razvan Mitache

Bizzdesign Connect Conference Links Attendees with Value

Designing Better Enterprises – Yes, Please!

The 2020 Bizzdesign Connect Conference has concluded and we’re happy to say it was a tremendous success! Our theme and proposition for you this year was Designing Better Enterprises, and apparently the rest of the world found it really relevant. So many hundreds of professionals attended the online event that took place Thursday, November 19th in order to witness the talks we had prepared!

How could we not be thrilled about that? It feels great to be on the same wavelength as our audience and gives us a boost of confidence as far as our vision for the market and product development roadmap are concerned.

The Rundown

The Bizzdesign Connect Conference featured an impressive list of industry experts. We had folks from both inside and outside the company, and our keynote speaker was Milan Guenther. Here is a complete snapshot of the program:

  • Milan Guenther, Keynote Speaker: How Enterprise Design Connects the Dots Across Business, Technology and People
  • Jeroen Scheer, Shell: Architecting for Success – How to Put Architecture to Work in Complex & Challenging Environments
  • Martijn van Glabbeek, Alliander: How Business Architecture Supports Alliander in Its Agile/Digital Transformation
  • Cathy Wylie, ATCO & Joe Geary, BiZZdesign: A Path to Maximize Organizational Value
  • Harmen van den Berg, BiZZdesign: Horizzon – The Art of the Possible
  • Matthijs Scholten & Bernd Ihnen, BiZZdesign: Data Maintenance and Integration
  • Mark Peters & Rob Kroese, BiZZdesign: Smart API and Integration Capabilities
  • Panel Session – Connecting the Dots

As you can see, we hosted a range of interesting topics and we tried to cater to both Business and IT stakeholders. If you were present, then you will remember we segmented the audience according to their interests – Change Leaders and Change Enablers. This allowed us to really home in on the topics that you found most interesting, therefore providing you with maximum value. From telling the story of how successful organizations leverage EA to power their transformation to the newest developments on the Horizzon platform, our invitees that something for everyone in attendance.

Recordings Are Now Available

“I missed the event, what now?” Well, if you couldn’t make it in time for the event, don’t worry, we have you covered. All the talks are available here, so head on over if you’re interested! Also, if you have questions or would like to get in touch to discuss a project, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.