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Enterprise Architecture Tools

Lean & Enterprise Architecture: Seven Deadly Wastes in Enterprise Architectures

In Lean Management, a lot of time is spent finding and eliminating waste. Our processes and organizations are full of waste. In the Lean philosophy these wastes should not be dealt with as ‘problems’, but as opportunities for improvement.

Lean & Enterprise Architecture: Opposites Attract

Over the last two decades, Lean management has proved to be very powerful in improving an organization’s business process performance. During the same time frame, Enterprise Architecture came up as a discipline for controlling the complexity of organizations, their processes, information and IT. At first glance, both approaches appear very different in nature.

What is TOGAF and why should organizations use it?

This short video explains what The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is and how Enterprise Architects can benefit from this open standard in their architecture work.

Building an Effective Enterprise Architecture Capability

Enterprise Architecture supports implementation of change in a coordinated way. Building an Enterprise Architecture Capability is a process of change in itself, and thus can be supported by Enterprise Architecture methods and tools. In this White Paper we described how a high-level approach for the initiation and development of the Enterprise Architecture capability can be […]

Business Model Innovation webinar

In the webinar Business Model Innovation for Architects and their Stakeholders we presented the Business Model Canvas as a relevant tool for Architects in many roles. Changing systems and processes alone is no longer enough in the rapidly changing environment your organization is in today. Designing, innovating and changing business models becomes a discipline that […]

Business Performance Management, Balanced Scorecards and The Decision Model

The Decision Model (TDM) is a rapidly growing framework for modeling and executing the business logic behind business decisions. When I first read the book “The Decision Model – A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology” by Larry Goldberg and Barbara von Halle, I was impressed with how TDM models the business logic behind […]