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Lean & Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture for Lean Business Processes

In previous blogs in this series, we discussed the ‘wastes’ of enterprise architects and enterprise architectures. That may have sounded rather negative, but the main message of course is: EA is no goal in itself, it should support the organization. Regarding Lean we have the same message.

Strategic Use of Business Models: Implementation

In my previous blog posts, I discussed the way I see strategy work and the types of models that can be used, and how the business model canvas should be the focal point for architecture work. In this blog post, I will show that enterprise architecture is the tool to go from strategy and business model to […]

Business Architecture: Because Business Models Aren’t Enough

Business models are a helpful way to define a business strategy and steer an organization in the “right” direction. Furthermore, business models foster discussions on the way organizations want to deliver value to their customers. Building business models is fun! Thinking about your organization and its future in an abstract manner is addictive, since there is no […]

Strategic Use of Business Models: Introduction

Times are tough: many businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the wild economic currents. Many organizations attempt to find a “blue ocean” of uncontested space, but let’s face it: most of us are stuck in a “red ocean” with a lot of competition, growing power of both suppliers and consumers and increased threat of […]

Lean & Enterprise Architecture: Seven Deadly Wastes of Enterprise Architects

In our previous two blogs in this series, we outlined the connections between Lean Management and Enterprise Architecture. The focus of Lean is on taking day-to-day small steps for improvement. The elimination of waste and focus on customer value are central elements in Lean. Enterprise Architecture focuses on longer term results, but as we have […]

Lean & Enterprise Architecture: Seven Deadly Wastes in Enterprise Architectures

In Lean Management, a lot of time is spent finding and eliminating waste. Our processes and organizations are full of waste. In the Lean philosophy these wastes should not be dealt with as ‘problems’, but as opportunities for improvement.